Profile: Brett Culp

Digital Filmmaker Brett Culp is an award-winning digital filmmaker. He produces inspirational documentary films and works with organizations and individuals to capture the beauty of their stories. His distinctive approach to filmmaking has attracted a client list that includes movie stars, music icons, best-selling authors, hall of fame athletes, royalty, and Fortune 500 companies. Brett’s... Continue Reading →


Profile: Brillante Mendoza

Director Photo courtesy of Born: July 30, 1960 Age: 55 Genre: Filipino drama and realism In the seminal 2010 film book written by Bibsy Carballo entitled “Filipino Directors Up Close”, Brillante Mendoza was described as a filmmaker who hurdled the indie challenge. He was born and raised in San Fernando, Pampanga and took Advertising... Continue Reading →

Profile: George Miller

Director Born: 1945 Nationality: Greek-Australian           Career: 1979-Present Genre: Action-Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Animation      A mastermind director and auteur at 70 years old…20 years after the Mad Max Trilogy with Mel Gibson in the lead role that established him as star, he’s back again with Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy as... Continue Reading →

An Oscar That’s Worth the Oscars?

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron in the box office hit Star Wars: The Force Awakens, alongside his trusty droid, BB-8. (Picture courtesy of Allstar/Disney/Lucasfilm) There is never any shortage of talents in Hollywood. Featuring a minute ensemble of performers from around the world, some may think that the lack of diversity at times makes the... Continue Reading →

Southpaw: How Billy Hope Made Me Cry

So that’s how it feels like watching a fight live! It’s a combination of excitement and at the same time, empathy for the fighters who are trying to hurt each other inside the ring. This “little” film Southpaw follows the protagonist’s journey from triumph to loss, and his comeback that could be the greatest one... Continue Reading →

Endings and Beginnings

A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end... but not necessarily in that order.Jean-Luc Godard You've always wanted to tell a story but doesn't know where to start. In your heart and mind, there is an interesting message you want to tell the world. But you fear people might think it's wrong... Continue Reading →

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