The Words of a Maestro: The Film Dream Meets the Brilliant, Brillante Mendoza (feat. Ms. Jaclyn Jose)

No experience can ever come close to being magnificent when meeting a role model. It is a once in a lifetime moment that any individual can admit to being almost at a point of glory, in spite of the ever-elusive grand prize, that is success. What is the value of an encounter worth remembering? Is it the handshake? Is it the gesture? Or is it the learning that one may carry on their way to their goal?

Recently, The Film Dream caught up with two of the most decorated and multi-awarded personalities in the world of Philippine cinema today, Cannes 2016 Best Actress Ms. Jaclyn Jose and the ever-talented Director, Mr. Brillante Mendoza. Ms. Jaclyn was very nice to give us a photo opportunity in spite of the hectic schedule while a much forgiving time frame allowed for a short chat with the director. We were able to ask for his insights as to what would be the most basic traits of being a good filmmaker? Being the master of the craft, he was able to advice two major things that every aspiring filmmaker should do:

1.      “Stick to OUR story” – His very first advice would be to let the world know of our beloved setting, the Filipino’s success, the Filipino’s grievances, the Filipino’s everyday lives. It is one thing to tell a story, but to tell our own story at our side of the world is a much deeper purpose to uplift the spirits of our country amidst an ever-changing world of colonial mentality and modernization. It is, as the talented director describes, as a topic worth choosing as it is “very close to our heart.”

2.      “Learn and Study” – As all masters of the art would emphasize, practice makes perfect. The multi-awarded director was quick to remind that no art is ever just one click towards the ultimate prize. It would take perseverance and countless hours, days, months, or even years to be able to showcase ones ability and learnings. The “right way to deliver a story” while “showing originality” is a dynamic ability that he also pointed out, a trait that everyone may learn to distinguish while mastering the film making process.

Such are the most valuable advice that only a great filmmaker may provide.

While it may have been a short encounter, The Film Dream is very thankful for the opportunity to meet the very talented actress and the award-winning director. Hopefully, we may be able to catch up again with the humble and warm-hearted Ms. Jaclyn Jose to know of her insights as well. Meeting a role model is one thing, but to learn the basic, yet very useful traits of becoming a master of the arts is another. Indeed, it was a momentous meeting, one that proves that nothing is ever impossible as long as you strive hard. After all, hard work is what makes an ordinary person extraordinary, just as Mr. Brillante Mendoza had advised; it is a never-ending learning process.

The Film Dream

Posted 2015

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