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Born: July 30, 1960

Age: 55

Genre: Filipino drama and realism

In the seminal 2010 film book written by Bibsy Carballo entitled “Filipino Directors Up Close”, Brillante Mendoza was described as a filmmaker who hurdled the indie challenge.

He was born and raised in San Fernando, Pampanga and took Advertising Arts of the then College of Architecture and Fine Arts at the Pontifica and Royal University of Santo Tomas.

A director-producer who also experienced being a production designer in earlier 80’s films he worked on, he is a storyteller who wants the world to see the “real” Filipino stories.

In 2009, after besting Quentin Tarantino for his high-profile Cannes entry Inglorious Basterds, he became the first Filipino to win a Best Director’s trophy from the Cannes Film Festival for “Kinatay”. After competing twice in a row, he finally won…this along with competing in various film festivals all over the world.

With this historic win, he is now in the company of legendary filmmakers Luis Buñuel (Los Olivados), Francois Truffaut (400 Blows), Nagisa Oshima (Empire of Passion), Werner Herzog (Fitzcarraldo), and Pedro Almodovar (All about My Mother).

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Films to Watch:

Ma’ Rosa (2016)

Taklub (2015)

Thy Womb (2012)

Captive (2012)

Lola (2009)

Kinatay (2009)

Serbis (2008)

Tirador (2007)

Foster Child (2007)

Manoro (2006)

Kaleldo (2006)

Masahista (2005)

For his contributions in Philippine Cinema, the prestigious Cahiers du Cinema named him as one of the 15 directors and the only Filipino of 2000-2010.

Brillante Mendoza remains committed to independent filmmaking with the ultimate goal of educating his audiences particularly the students.

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1.     Before directing, he initially worked in advertising as a production designer

2.     He is instrumental in the acting career of Coco Martin who he discovered in the film “Masahista”

3.     He has a daughter whom he considers as his best critic

4.     His personal inspiration as a filmmaker is Lino Brocka

5.     He produced Twilight Dancers (2006) with Mel Chionglo as director and

Ricky Lee as writer; In 2007, he produced Siquijor: Mystic Island

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